Mavuno Harvest works with several farming cooperatives in Uganda, Burkina Faso and Ghana to purchase and import their organic dried fruits.  Below are a few profiles of some of the farmers whom we work with.

Name: Richard and Florence Bwette
Hometown: Kiwooza, Kayunga, Uganda
Fruit: Organic Papaya
With the profits earned from last year's harvest, Richard and Florence's farming cooperative was able to purchase 150 wheelbarrows, making their harvest a little easier.

Name: Muwonge Herbert
Hometown: Kayunga, Uganda
Fruit: Organic Papaya
With the money he earned from last years harvest, Herbert was able to buy an additional acre where he planted 440 more papaya trees, effectively doubling his income. Having a steady market has allowed Herbert to see his papayas as an asset, and his farm as a business. He's investing his profits back into his business. Papaya only takes 9-12 months to mature so he'll be realizing the income from these additional papayas as early as this year.
Name: Sonde Dare Traore
Hometown: Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso
Fruit: Organic Mango

Sonde is a father of 9 and uses the income gained from drying mangos to support his family and pay for school fees.  He also invests his income back into his farm in order to grow his business. 


Name: Nzeera Meris
Hometown: Rutunguru West, Uganda
Fruit: Organic Apple Banana

Nzeera (right) is a mother of 6 children and owns a 3 acre farm about 3 kilometers from the main road.  Before Mavuno Harvest, Nzeera's challenge was finding a consistent buyer for her bananas.

Name: Millogo M. Eugene
Hometown: Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso
Fruit: Organic Mango

Millogo is one of the founding member's of a cooperative in Burkina Faso which works with Mavuno Harvest.  Millogo uses the income from selling his mangos to pay for food, healthcare and housing for his family.

Name: Ayebale Christine
Hometown: Rutunguru East, Uganda
Fruit: Organic Apple Banana, Mango, Guava
Ayebale is a mother of 8 children and uses the income from selling her fruit to grow her farming business.  Her family lives in a simple iron-sheet-roofed house and spends most of their time working on their farm.