Best Seller Sampler - 7 bags

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Are you tired of trying new, unfamiliar products and not knowing which ones you'll love? Let us take the guesswork out of it for you with our Best Seller Sampler.

Our team at Mavuno Harvest has carefully curated a selection of our top-selling, customer favorite products for you to try.

Each of these products is made with sustainably sourced, high-quality ingredients that are good for you and the planet. At Mavuno Harvest, we're committed to bringing you the best, most nourishing products that support small-scale farmers and promote environmentally-friendly practices.

Enjoy one 2-oz. pouch of each: Dried Mango, Dried Pineapple, Dried Banana, Dried Jackfruit, Mango + Coconut Bites, Pineapple + Passion Bites, and Mango + Chili Bites.

We know you'll love the variety and quality of products in our Best Seller Sampler. Try it today and discover your new favorites from Mavuno Harvest.