Our Mission

We work directly with farmers in all corners of the world to avoid waste, provide crucial market access, and ensure farmers are paid premium pricing.

Our Story

Started by a Peace Corps volunteer, Mavuno Harvest was founded on the principles of empowering others through economic development, sustainable agriculture, and the idea that all humans are connected.

Our Snacks

We source and sell only the highest quality organic and natural snack foods. Never any added sugars, preservatives, or ingredients you can't pronounce.

The taste of your products is amazing, dried but fresh, you can feel all the vitamins and wellness in them, thanks!
Customer eating Organic Mango Chili Fruit Bites
I went through six bags in two days. On top of it all, this is any amazing cause and a great way to great farmers paid more for their harvests.
Customer holding Organic Banana Bites
Being a former student of environmental sustainability, I found the perfect company to use for my backpacking snack provider.
Customer eating Organic Pineapple Fruit Bites