In October 2016, Mavuno Harvest founder Phil Hughes went on a 12 day, 4 country trip to Africa (Ghana, Zambia, Kenya and Uganda) to meet new potential suppliers as well as existing suppliers.


Pictured here is Muwonge Herbert, one of the best Mavuno Harvest stories yet. We've been buying Herbert's organic dried papaya for about two years now. With the money he earned from last years harvest, he was able to buy an additional acre where he planted 440 more papaya trees, effectively doubling his income. Having a steady market has allowed Herbert to see his papayas as an asset, and his farm as a business. He's investing his profits back into his business. Papaya only takes 9-12 months to mature so he'll be realizing the income from these additional papayas as early as this year.  There are literally hundred of stories like Herbert's of the farmers we're sourcing from.


With the fair trade premium from last year, we were able to purchase 150 wheelbarrows for the co-ops in Kayunga, Uganda.  Wheelbarrows may sound like a small thing, but imagine you were a farmer and didn't have one!?