Mavuno Harvest originally started with 3 products – organic mango, pineapple and banana sourced from farming cooperatives in Uganda. Over the years, as sales grew we were able to add additional products - organic jackfruit and papaya from Uganda – as well as add new suppliers from Burkina Faso and now Ghana.

In January 2017 we added a brand new product: organic coconut from Ghana. The founder of Mavuno Harvest visited Ghana in October 2016 and met with 2 high quality farming and drying operations in the Accra region. As usual, we are sourcing from small scale farming cooperatives – this time from Ashanti coconut farmers in rural Ghana.

Upon visiting the Ashanti ‘palace’ (picture below) we were greeted by the local chief who welcomed Mavuno Harvest and conducted a brief introductory ceremony with the village elders. We then headed out to the coconut fields and met some of the farmers.

Our coconut is 100% pure, natural and organic – and has a crisp, lovely coconut flavor as only pure coconut does.  We continue on our mission to increase agricultural activity and production in Africa, and directly contribute economically to rural farming communities. On behalf of Mavuno Harvest and the farmers we work with, thank you for your invaluable support!

Lush coconut fields in Ghana.

Some of our new coconut farmer partners.

The Ashanti palace.