We're so happy to announce that we are launching some incredible new products!

The product is organic chewy fruit bites - made from only 2 simple fruit ingredients. We have 2 fruit bites to start - Mango/Coconut (only ingredients are organic mango and organic coconut) and Pineapple/Passion Fruit (only ingredients are organic pineapple and organic passion fruit).

These new products are perfect for kids lunches, athletes and busy professionals on the go.

So how are they made?  One of our amazing suppliers in Ghana came up with this unique innovation to continue to solve the problem of wasted food - and wasted potential farmer incomes.  Essentially they take organic dried fruits, slice them up very finely, and then roll them into fruit bites.  They are absolutely delicious, super healthy and very snackable!

We hope to continue to grow with our supplier partners and add unique and innovative products!