We want to take a second to say thank you to our amazing costumers.  Without your support we could not be doing the things we are so proud of.  So, thank you for trusting us to provide you with the best snacks. 

We know it can be hard choosing which Mavuno Harvest snack is right for you. So, we filtered through the reviews from our awesome customers, and provided a brief snapshot below to help you decide:

Dried Mango: 

Thank you so much for making my favorite treat! I love dried Mango and especially because there isn't added ingredients. You need to sell bigger bags. I eat one bag up so fast, it feels like I'm wasting plastic if I open another. Please!!!! -Robin E.

The taste of your products is amazing, dried but fresh, you can feel all the vitamins and wellness in them, thanks! The cause is the best, helping others that need it is what we should all do!  -Barbara

Pineapple & Passion Fruit Bites:

I made the mistake of giving my 2-year old son one bite and then left the room. By the time I got back he had used a chair to knock the bag off the counter and had eaten the whole bag! His parents love them too! -James D.

This is a very convenient and tasty snack. I love it! -Rahel A.

Roasted Cashews with Sea Salt:

I have ordered several times; I will continue to be a customer as long as quality remains excellent. -Sandra

This brand comes fresh and crunchy and a little moist for an excellent texture, the best I’ve ever eaten.... this is my new brand! -Aaron H.

Thank you for all the positive reviews.  We hope that they help you decide which one to order next.  Or, if you can’t decide give our Subscription Plan a try.  Let us know which Mavuno Harvest snack is your favorite!