Mavuno Harvest products are not only delicious, healthy, and easy for on-the-go snacking, they also function to make the world a better place.  We work in partnership with small-scale farms in Sub-Saharan Africa to ensure fair pay, proper treatment, and an excellent product.   These partnerships are a win-win because Mavuno Harvest gets to share tasty fruit and nuts with you and the farmers get consistent work.

We are proud that Mavuno Harvest is certified organic, NON-GMO, and only made up of real simple ingredients that you can feel confident putting in your body.  Mavuno Harvest is Direct Trade Certified - meaning that we know and care about the farmers who grow and tend to our fruits and nuts.  We are founded on the principals of empowering others through economic development, sustainable agriculture, and the idea that all humans are connected.

Next time you need a snack to fuel your adventure, enjoy a Mavuno Harvest snack bite or fruit pouch and know that we are providing you nothing but the best.  From the farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa to your hands, no step has been overlooked.