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Food and the Transformation of Africa

Field of dreams: On a maize farm near Bangui

The agriculture and business landscapes in Africa, and why working with smallholder farmers in Africa can really change the future.

on October 17, 2015

Growing Production

Capitalism on a mission and sustainable development.  Check out or latest developments!

on August 18, 2015

Markets vs. Aid in Africa

“The question of preference between markets and aid can only be asked in Africa, not in any other region of this world." - Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda

on March 09, 2015

Growing our impact in African farming communities

Here’s a few pics from recent trainings in Uganda.

on December 17, 2014

New farmer trainings on organic farming

Mavuno Harvest is growing – and that’s great news for the farmers whom we work with.

on July 29, 2014

How well do you know Africa?

If you like geography, here’s a fun game!

on June 05, 2014